Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

BookBestRate enables you to search over 100 hotel booking sites in one place to find the best available rate. Once you have found your Hotel, just click on the BOOK BEST RATE next to the rate you want to book and BookBestRate will redirected you to the hotel booking site you choose easily. You will then be able to review and complete your booking there directly.

Yes, when searching on BookBestRate, you can search for the following options:
1 adult, 0 children
2 adult, 0 children
1 adult, 1 children
2 adult, 1 children
2 adult, 2 children

Or you may also click on more options which make your live easy to select the number of rooms (if you are looking to book more than one room in the same time) and you can easily select the number of adult and children for each room.
BookBestRate is a hotel search engine that compares over 100 booking sites internationally—covering the overwhelming majority of the global online hotel market. Our job is to give you the most comprehensive overview possible and show you most deal available online in order to find the lowest possible hotel rates worldwide as we are definitely the best.
As a search engine, BookBestRate is not involved in the booking process between Hotel, the online travel agent and you, and therefore cannot, in any way, claim financial responsibility for the transaction process between these parties.

Nevertheless, before displaying rates from a booking site on BookBestRate, a background check on the company is always done to make sure that their customers have the opportunity find the deals offered on their website. Additionally, we do not display deals from any site that does not pass our initial integration check or where there are any reports that the site is not reliable. As we strive to display all online hotel offers globally, we believe that we would be doing a disservice to our users if we were to ban a booking site due to some aspects of their performance. What you can and should expect from BookBestRate is that we will always strive for maximum transparency. Therefore we recommend that our users take further steps to review the booking site’s rating score. All rating scores are prominently displayed next to the logo of each booking site on BookBestRate and are continuously reviewed by fellow BookBestRate users.
No, you do not need to register into BookBestRate to make hotel booking.
Registration option is available to help to save your last searches, many details about register option available under register terms and condition.
No, BookBestRate never post any article, photo and/or content on any user social media account. The registration feature it’s only to make your live more easy while searching for your hotel.
No, BookBestRate did not charge any booking fees and/or any other fees. Its totally free search to help to find the lowest price for the hotel.
The price shown on BookBestRate is per night per room.
No, BookBestRate is a hotel search and therefore BookBestRate doesn’t offer hotel booking service directly with the hotel. BookBestRate displays the current available rates on major international booking sites, giving you the possibility to book the best hotel at the best price on an external booking site.
The price listed on BookBestRate exclusive all taxes and fees that you would incur on each booking site. You can also view the rate details of all the facilities that are included in the price, such as breakfast, Internet and the cancellation policy. Please make sure to double-check all of the hotel information when you are forwarded to the booking site before completing the booking.
This depends on the room type and hotel selected. You can easily find this information in the rate details.

A teacup with plate icon indicates whether breakfast is included or not, or whether you need to verify this information on the booking site.
As BookBestRate did not offer a direct booking with hotel, we cannot send you a new booking confirmation. Once you have booked a hotel with an external booking site you should automatically receive an email to confirm you’re booking. If you do not receive this email, please first check your spam email folder, or contact the respective hotel booking site where you completed your booking and they will be able to assist you. In the same time, All external sites will show the booking confirmation on your screen, Please save this number until you receive the confirmation by email. Note: Please make sure that you enter correct email address.
BookBestRate is a hotel search and it is not possible to make a hotel reservation directly on BookBestRate; this means we search other hotel sites to find the lowest available price. In order to make a change or cancel a booking you will have to contact the hotel booking site with which you made the reservation. You can find this information on the confirmation email that you received or alternatively on the BookBestRate hotel booking site information page.
Yes, when searching for a hotel on BookBestRate in different destinations, there are filter options on the left hand side of the search results to help you individualize your search. In the section "Hotel features". you can search for hotels that are pets allowed accessible by selecting the option "pets allowed".
Once you have entered your chosen destination and your travel dates, the available hotels in the search results are ordered by popularity. At the top of the results you can use pulldown menu to sort the results by price. You can also use the filters on the left hand side of the page to add a maximum price to the search criteria.
Once you have entered your chosen destination and your travel dates, the available hotels in the search results are ordered by popularity. At the top of the results you can use the pulldown menu to sort the results by distance. You can also use the filters on the left hand side of the page to add a landmark or address that the hotel should be located close to in the search results. Distances between locations are based on a direct point-to-point aerial transit path (as the crow flies) and not the distance traveling by car or on foot.
BookBestRate automatically shows only hotels that are available for the entirety of your stay.
You need to enter your chosen destination and travel dates into the search field on BookBestRate. The current available rates will then be displayed for each hotel in your selected destination and you can filter these results to find your hotel.
We strive to always show the most accurate live prices; however, in rare cases we receive false information from the booking sites with which we work regarding availability and extra fees. Unfortunately, there are rare cases where the price is slightly higher on an external booking site compared with BookBestRate; this can be due to extra fees that were not communicated to BookBestRate.