Since most residents of Abu Dhabi come from all other parts of the world, their expectations of what is considered appropriate tipping significantly varies. As a tourist, tipping can become rather confusing when visiting.

Especially if this is your first time in Abu Dhabi, you should be aware of the local culture and etiquette. Many western visitors tend to overlook behavior that is considered offensive or even illegal. Here are a few things you want to keep in mind when visiting Abu Dhabi.

When holidaying in an enthralling place like Abu Dhabi, it is crucial that you have an adventure packed few days taking in all that the place has to offer. The destination has fast risen to be a sought after vacation spot with its thrilling Grand Prix and enchanting sights. If an exciting sojourn at the charming destination is next on your bucket list, you must read on so you can have a swell time in the UAE capital.

Traveling with kids is most certainly not a piece of cake. Preset tours, on-the-go halts, impulsive adventures are not usually a part of a holiday with young children and infants. Parents must understand that their hotel room becomes the main hub for activity, and therefore the comfort of the room, rather than the hotel price comparison, takes the top most priority on the accommodation checklist. 



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