Dubai has grown into one of the most preferred destinations for tourists as well as business people looking for trade opportunities. Tourism has played a vital role in promoting the city’s economy and has placed Dubai prominently in the list of the most desirable destinations in the world. 

Shopping malls in Dubai are one of the much-talked about features of the emirate. Quite true to this hype is the magnificent Dubai Marina Mall located in the heart of modern Dubai. The mall offers a splendid mix of shopping options and other leisure activities in Dubai. It is one of the must-visit attractions for shopaholics and can be easily accessed from any hotel near Dubai Marina. 

Dubai Marina is one of the most sophisticated and modern districts in Dubai. It is a strong attraction for families, couples as well as kids. Posh restaurants, amazing entertainment complexes, the best stores for shopping, million dollars’ worth yachts waiting to amuse its guests and the world’s best hotels in Dubai Marina make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Preparing for a fabulous vacation in the ever enchanting United Arab Emirates? The beguiling city of Dubai will certainly be on your travel itinerary as it has a host of attractions and activities to offer. This write-up helps you create your ideal Dubai bucket-list so that you make memories to treasure on your exciting getaway.

The shopping and dune bashing are often the most talked about activities in Dubai. However, in reality, Dubai has everything to make it an ideal destination for families and kids. When tourists find cheap deals on hotels in Dubai, they almost instantly think about the souks and deserts that are waiting to keep them entertained. Little do they realize that Dubai has so much to offer to kids too. 



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