Dubai’s beaches are bustling with activities during the peak season. You will find people indulging in beach games, jogging, swimming, jet-skiing or just taking a stroll along the gulf waters. While many beaches along the Jumeirah stretch are private and belong to premium hotels, there are also some other public beaches in Dubai that are open to visitors either free of cost or for a small entrance fee. So, you can either stay at one of the luxurious hotels like the Al Raha Beach Hotel for your beach-time fun or visit any of the following beaches for some sun and sand!

A popular vacation hub, Dubai is where tourist seek attractive bargains, desert fun and merriment for the entire clan. While shopping at exotic souks and enjoying a thrilling adventure at the theme parks, you must also remember to head to the gargantuan aquariums and the heritage hamlet. This write-up tells you how to make your Emirati holiday a huge hit while staying at a grand hotel like the Tamani Hotel Marina in Dubai.

Ostentatious UAE and specifically Dubai is one of the most sought after places for a trip. Couples and families with kids love to explore the exotic locales of the emirate. The region is extremely developed with stellar sky scrapers and museums for fine art, and yet, holds on the Emirati traditions celebrated for centuries. While you may have heard of the Burj Khalifa and the Burj al-Arab, here are some unique, yet little heard of attractions that must not be missed.

While you can visit some destinations by just packing your backpack and leaving, other exotic destinations like Dubai need a little advance planning so that you can spend less and enjoy more. From the stunning architecture of Burj Khalifa, to the gold souks, and shopping malls, Dubai is full of entertainment and wonders. If you want to enjoy a fulfilling vacation without spending too much money, read on to benefit from these 5 secret tips:

The Emirati cuisine is one of the important things about Dubai and a strong reason to attract people from across the globe. The local cuisine of the Gulf is rich, wholesome and strongly flavored. The dishes are made with a unique collection of spices from across Arabia, prepared using a variety of techniques and served with class. From welcome drinks to desserts, Emirati cuisine offers a whole bunch of mouth-watering delicacies for food lovers. 



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