Dubai, the most popular city of United Arab Emirates, is a popular holiday destination for people looking for a relaxed, laid-back vacation. This is one of the many reasons that make it a popular honeymoon retreat. With its unique, lavish and extraordinary hospitality, you and your partner are sure to have a luxurious holiday. What more, you can also avail some great deals with cheap hotel booking sites and get an outstanding honeymoon experience that is not too heavy on your pocket.

An important shopping center in Mecca, the Makkah Mall offers rich shopping, dining and entertainment experience to families visiting Mecca. The mall is synonymous with style and success because of its beautiful infrastructure and state-of-the-art amenities. If you are staying at any of the hotels in Mecca near Haram, the Makkah Mall can be easily accessible to you. 

Dubai, the most popular city of the Middle East, is sure a favorite travel destination for family tourists from all over the world. The city boasts of a glamorous cosmopolitan culture, making it the preferred holiday destination of all those who seek adventure as well as luxury. That being said, one of the main reasons that attracts tourists to Dubai is the fact that it is quite synonymous with luxurious shopping. The malls in Dubai, particularly the Mall of the Emirates, offer a superlative shopping experience that is not just constrained to buying retail merchandise but goes well beyond that.

Dubai is a sizzling holiday destination. You can enjoy an unforgettable vacation in this amazing place known for its pulsating nightlife, swanky shopping malls, and magnificent architecture. But as they say, good things come at a big price. The same applies to Dubai as well. From hotel bookings to sightseeing and entertainment, it is certainly not a place that you can explore on a very tight budget. However, you can save extra while booking a hotel in Dubai with 5 simple tips:



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